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Initiative rain fell in Hanoi and HCMC flooding

Currently the situation in flooded roads in big cities like Hanoi, HCMC very serious. Heavy rain the evening of 21/7 in HCMC gave traffic on the road is almost completely paralyzed.

The channel expansion, sewer and drainage work must also takes a lot of money to build, compensation, clearance and time.

Solutions to improve the road-just the water flowing from high places to low-lying place else. The amount of rainwater drainage into waterways, sea very wasteful losses. As a citizen of the City, before pressing on, I propose an idea can reduce the flooding caused by rain are as follows:

Construction of underground water tanks have a higher surface tanks to capture rainwater. Calculate tank capacity and reasonable amount to sufficient space on the amount of water (equivalent rainfall can flood roads at altitude 400 -500mm and road surface). Using large-capacity pumping stations submerged pump water into reservoirs.

Tunnelling is not rainwater. Photo: Nguyen Tuan Thanh Kiet

On construction sites of underground rain water tank: The bus station, green parks, stadiums, amusement parks, plaza, university campus, high school ... Use this water for us Local fire alarm in residential areas is useful, or supply water for the irrigation of car parks and greenery, watering trees along the route. That would not be wasted water resources.

About exploited effectively put to use: After you build and put into operation, shall preserve, maintain and operate the company may assign a green park.

Bidding for the advertising tied around the stadium, bus ... on the underground water tank there. I think the money collected will not be small, enough money to cover the initial construction and operational maintenance pump system. Or collecting money from the company green park for the use of water.

Above is the solution I proposed ideas of solving the serious flooding as now at the roads in the city, Hanoi.