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 We, STi is a the leading supplier of valves, pumps and it’s technology. The field of application for our products includes industrial and communal systems Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical, Power, Hydrocarbon and Water resources. Full range of products and solution in water will meet customer requirement including pump, valve and fluid transfer equipment, electronic control system, control and compression equipment and environment protection equipment.  
Established in 2002, our history is deeply rooted in technology. We have made continuousimprovements in capital equipment and company wide process control. High investments made in our products always guarantee the latest state of the art.
Our employees have a comprehensive technological competency and customer orientation,features which allow a convincing solution also for your problem configuration. Its innovativeproducts have allowed the company again and again to defend its best position in the market.

It is both our wish and claim to be a reliable business partner also for you. We highly value afruitful co-operation both with our customers and suppliers. All staff are trained and specialized in its products. They comprise of sales engineers, engineers for order execution and administrative personnel for export/import and financial functions, which are required for an autonomous business unit.

Experience, Responsibility and progress
Since the early days the main aim of the company has been to become a leading supplier of pumps and valves coming up to the highest quality standards. Requirements are particularly strict in industries. In these areas, STi contributes to appreciably enhance both performance and safety of your installation.
Selection for the right pumps and all applications
STi supplies the most economical, reliable and environmentally friendly pumping system for each application. We select your pump individually suited to your application out of ourcomprehensive range of pumps easily, quickly and exactly.
 STi can offer you innovative pump and valve technology for all manner of applications. Theyrange from building services to industry and water, energy and mining.  
All production facilities and services are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
What we can offer you:
Non-Return Valves
Butterfly Valves
Air Valves and Control Valves
Gate Valves
·Sluice Gate Valves and Penstocks
·House Connection Valves
Booster pumps
Swimming pool pumps
Circulation pumps
Peripheral pumps
Industrial pumps
Agricultural pumps
Whirlpool pump
Bilge pump
Air-condition pump
Alcohol pump
Beverage pump
Boiler feed pump
Chemical pump
Fertilizer pump
Fire Fighting pump
Gardening pump
·Nuclear power pump
·Paper-making pump
·Petroleum pump
·Ship pump
·Sugar pump
·Textile pump
·Water supply pump
·Water treatment pump